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Emily Draco was walking to a laboratory with her two best friends, Sally Cleopatra Longwing and Claire Jane Band , they were going to to the Laboratory of Dr Fritz Von Dino who had developed a tf solution that could turn anyone into their true form a few years ago, the form hidden in their DNA code be whatever it was, more than a few people learnt to their disappointment that their true form was their current one, Emily wasn't entirely certain this was the best choice she had ever made but her friends knew people who done it and hadn't regretted doing it and where currently enjoying their new forms, so she couldn't back down without looking a bit silly since plenty of others had done it and been fine.

Dr Dino was a slight average height man with a friendly expression on his face as he looked upon Emily and her friends, he said " So you vant to try out my tf solution Jah?" He asked, Emily looks at her friends then back to the doctor then nodded , the doctor nodded to himself before beckoning them to follow him into his laboratory, where he gave them a short tour showing them the various facilities of his lab, Emily was reminded quiet a bit of the school science labs back in school. She said this to the Doctor who merely smiled and nodded before turning to a door at an end of a small corridor where he typed into a keypad. He said " And this is vere the magic happens, so to speak" He laughs, " forgive me but I always like to have a little joke before ve start, anyvay let us begin!"

Within the room there lay three enormous test tubes which were lifted up and Emily and her two friends were instructed by the good doctor to step into, " don't vorry" he said just before they came down again," the procedure is quite painless and takes only a short while, what happens is that the tube fills up with my formula completely engulfing you then proceeds to change you to match what your true genetic form may be regardless of how complex." With that the tube slid to a close the Doctor gave each of them a little wave before stepping to a control panel and began pressing buttons, to what appeared in a random fashion.

Emily's last thoughts before the solution began pouring in where, I hope I don't regret this, followed by I wonder what my parents will think of this, by this point she was floating in the middle of solution within when the changes began....
This is just the start of our journey with Emily who will experience a whole new world that none of us ever thought to exist!
Zgerken Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
Apologies it's called the the Dinofication!
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September 10, 2016


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