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The evolutionary history of these two species is not very well studied, primarily due to the acceptance of many today of the original explanation for their existence that had been put forward in order for them to join our nations forces back when Avalon was still a very young country. But also because there are so few fossils had been discovered so it would be hard for anyone to have accurately determined their genetic origins in terms of their placement within our own evolutionary tree. What is now known thanks to recent discoveries on all major land masses within the last decade has highlighted some interesting things to us now, since the program that completely catalogued the human genome in company with it show that we are closely related, the human race, in fact the divergence occurred geographically only not long before humans properly evolved. Due in part to the existence to  hybrids between us and the vampires and werewolves this divided isn't that big, as the number of successful children born indicate that. What it also shows is that Neanderthals where more distantly related to us as a specie than was originally thought. This is startling however it isn't the main point of this article but it is a good point to start this article with.
This is the first in a series of little documents I plan to create of a world I am building for a series stories I wish to write for it, this one should be interesting and it may take a route none of you expected but bear in mind that this is entirely of my own imagination in conjunction with other artists that I've been inspired by in order to start this.
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