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The bovine curse of the ancient temple.

Some where in the Amazon rainforest lay an ancient temple built by a forgotten people who died ages past, it had laid forgotten for thousands of years after it abandonment by the ancient people who used to care for it, prayed to the long forgotten gods it enshrined within its now empty walls, the years had been kind for this temple unlike many others that mankind has built over the centuries of its existence on this world we called earth.

The temple was spilt into a dozen sections all surrounding a central domed hall carved from an extinct volcano that used to exist fertilising the plain in which it sat the surrounding structures were built in a similar fashion to shape of the volcano in which the main shrine of all their gods was placed each one dedicated to one of their dozen gods that they had worshiped during their existence in this world before entering the next . The reason for its such good condition was that the entire complex had been sealed by the last of its people before they left despite vowing to one day return to its precincts when they could. There was another reason for this perfect condition of the abandoned temples good condition and that was magic! Magic you say you may think, that's impossible it doesn't exist! You argue, but your wrong for the very reason they fell was that magic left this world but some magic of the ancient kind such as the magic that preserves this temple can never disappear ever! For its magic that will bring a certain being to it that will set in motion the story you are now reading, perhaps experiencing as I write down my thoughts on this piece of paper, you think magic doesn't exist think again.

For on this fateful day for more reasons than you think, a portal to this temple long neglected open and out came a bronze statue of a dire wolf, it strode in defying all modern experiences through its existence by padding out of the portal and looking around as if it were still a living breathing being. It said "Well this will do"
Okay, so this is my first deviation on deviant art, it's just a simple introduction into a short story, I have a few other short stories that I'd like to show if this one goes well. Anyway if you have questions please leave them in the comments below or send me a note.
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July 26, 2016


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